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Clinician Use

  • A 6.5 French or larger tube can be used for tube feedings.
  • Free water content is 70% with the amount of free water per 11 oz (325 ml) container being 227.5 ml.
  • Clogging shouldn’t be an issue as the formula is considered thin. 
  • A continuous rate running through a pump should work without a water flush being needed.
  • Any variation of feeding can be used, but continuous is recommended. Gravity or bolus feeds are possible, but it should be considered that tolerance may take time and, at least initially, increased GI upset is a possibility.
  • With the use of MCT, increasing the feeding rate slowly is suggested for best tolerance and absorption. 

Hang Time Guidelines

Based on the ASPEN guidelines, Reason meets the criteria for an 8-hour hang time in the inpatient setting. In the home setting, Reason meets the criteria for a 12-hour hang time.

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