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Ingredients And Benefits

Nutrition directly impacts overall health and well-being. By choosing a nutritional beverage with the right ingredients, like MCT from coconuts, your body can get the proper amount of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals it needs to function at its best.

Reason’s unique formula provides the proper balance of nutrients to meet the specific nutritional needs of people struggling to maintain their weight and energy.

The Right Ingredients

We know how important it is to ensure that what you are eating is good for your body, which is why Reason is made from all-natural ingredients including wholesome, organic macronutrients, good fats and amino acids. With no artificial additives, Reason’s all-natural formula is also free from common allergens, including corn and gluten, and is low in both lactose and soy.

Reason powder’s ingredients include milk protein concentrate comprised of both whey and casein, MCT from coconut oil, organic honey powder, turmeric extract, flax seed powder, and no artificial additives.

Coconut MCT Oil

Superfuel for your body, easily absorbed and can be used as an immediate source of energy.

Use super foods to fight cancer


A spice with an extensive history of medicinal use that spans thousands of years.

Use super foods to stay healthy while undergoing cancer treatment


Rich source of nutrients including, omega-3 essential fatty acids, antioxidants, and fiber.

Reason Powder

Reason Nutrition Powder - Chocolate and Vanilla Flavors

Ingredients:  Milk Protein, Coconut Derived MCT Oil, Organic Honey Powder, Turmeric Extract, Flaxseed Powder, Bromelain, Natural Flavors, Cocoa (in chocolate formula), Xanthan Gum, Soy Lecithin, Erythritol, Sunflower Creamer, Stevia, Citric Acid, Silicon Dioxide.

Allergen Information: Contains Milk, Soy and Coconut.

Reason Beverage

Reason Nutrition Beverage in Chocolate Flavor

Ingredients: Water, Tapioca Syrup, Milk Protein Concentrate, Fractionated Coconut Oil. Contains 2% or less of the following: Sugar, Cocoa (Processed with  Alkali), Soy Lecithin (an Emulsifier), Natural Flavors, Stabilizer Blend (Sodium Citrate, Disodium Phosphate, Trisodium Phosphate), Salt, Gellan Gum.

Allergen Information: Contains Milk and Soy.

Taking high amount of MCT oil initially can cause stomach upset in some individuals. The symptoms tend to disappear after 30−45 min in most. With regular intake, these effects tend to fade away completely. If you notice any of these symptoms, we have some tips to minimize these effects:

  • Small servings: For very sensitive stomachs, we advise to start with no more than 5 grams of MCT in one serving (that is 4 ounces of the Reason beverage at a time). Take this twice daily and gradually double the dose over next week or two.
  • Do not take on empty stomach: Taking MCT on empty stomach for sensitive people is a common cause for discomfort. Please eat a small snack  beforehand if possible. If that is not possible, drink 4 ounces of warm water before and after.
  • Hydrate yourself: Dehydration increases stomach cramps and discomfort.