Weight Gain Requires a Varied Approach

As a registered dietitian, I have seen people throughout my career who experience weight loss and are in need of making their way back to a healthy weight. While the news and social media are inundated with ads for products and services that help people looking to lose weight, there are thousands of people across […]

Creating an effective nutritional beverage: A Q&A with regular consumers

Nutritional beverages, or meal replacements as some call them, have been around for almost 50 years helping people looking to address weight loss due an eating disorder, chronic disease, illness, or simply old age. These types of drinks contain significantly more calories (and often more protein) per serving than regular foods and, if used regularly, […]

High-Calorie Beverages to Fuel Your Run!

Nutritional drinks, particularly those with high calories, are helpful for those who struggle to gain weight and muscle mass. We’re also now hearing that they are also being used by to support athletes. For those who regularly take part in vigorous exercises and activities, having a high-calorie beverage that can be consumed quickly with easy […]


A physician discusses calories, protein, fats and how to read nutrition labels to help you put on healthy weight and prevent unintentional weight loss.

Nutrition During Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy can take a huge toll on you. If you start experiencing side effects like nausea or mouth sores that make it hard for you to eat, be sure to tell your medical team right away.